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The Divine Art [Nov. 16th, 2015|05:41 pm]
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The Stanley Parable “Art Ending”
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2012|09:45 am]
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Whee, Tsukino-Con went great!
Everything came together well on time, and ran spectacularly. Our Steins;Gate cosplay was perfect for our Science theme, and on that note, our Frankenstein sketch for Opening Ceremonies.

All of our lolita dresses came together for the Fashion show, which in effect means that I designed, patterned, and sewed 4 dreses from scratch (with help from my friends)! So I'm pretty proud of that, and it was a good experience of actually succeeding at something after this ongoing school disaster... We went with the theme of Sanrio, so we had a Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, Keroppi and Charmmy. We did it subtle for the show, but for Sakura-Con we're going to have ears and everything.

We even raised $2200 for charity, which meant that for Sunday, Adam had to wear a dress, and I had to wear sweatpants...

We're all prepping for Sakura-Con which looks like it's going to be awesome. For cosplay, we're going to reuse Steins;Gate plus a few more people, Higurashi and Umineko, and Sanrio Lolita. I also have my first two burando Lolita dresses that I'm excited to wear~ Rose Stained Glass from Innocent World in apricot, and the brown, drop-waist Chess Chocolate jumper from Angelic Pretty (which hasn't arrived yet - omg I'm so in love with this print, I would buy all of them if they weren't out of stock... *.*)

I'm in what will hopefully be my last semester of school. And that's really all there is to that. I am so burned out on biochem/school. All of this sewing is making me reconsider going into fashion, so who knows. I'm definitely taking a year off just to work in Victoria, and then a year in Europe, hopfully working at a ski resort.

My sister's birthday was last weekend, and that was super great, and Marion's birthday was the week before that, so it's been a pretty fun month so far.

Bit of a recap since my last post:
Halloween was really fun, so was my birthday party.
Christmas was a bit different this year. Mum was in the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend, Dad was too sick to do anything, and Steph and Meg stayed in Victoria with Meg and Riley. My friend Maggie also came up this year with me, so it ended up being Nana, Grindy, Mike, Janita, and Sarah, Maggie and Julia this year.
Mum did have an early Christmas dinner before she left, so that was nice too.

I got to go up skiing/boarding at Whistler with Laura after Christmas, and we stayed with her Mother in Squamish. That was a ton of fun.
New Year's Eve was good, I had a party that went well.
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2011|11:22 am]
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Whee, well back in school.

Yeah. Fun.


Tsukino-Con went spectacularly in February, finished up the semester (barely), and then summer was awesome! Had a lot of parties, including a My Little Pony one and a Harry Potter one, and moved to a fabulous new apartment downtown.

Sakura-Con was a blast in April and we had a huge group cosplay for Vocaloid Magnet, and well as one for Fate/Stay Night, plus the pool party after was super fun. In June the car had a few outings to Qualicum for the Car Show and Michael's Prom. July started with a huge Canada Day party with my friend Jenna, from Alberta. August was crazy busy, starting with Cos and Effect in Vancouver, with Maggie, Steph, Meg and Imran, which was great and a couple of us got to hit up the PNE as well. Maggie and I even pulled together a cosplay for Jellyfish Princess. Right after that was the camping trip up to Tofino, followed closely by Jill visiting from Japan!

Along the way there was bumperboats, the pride parade, the steampunk convention, and lots of dinners at BPs with the anime crew!

School so far is good, I have two business courses and one biochem. Amy and Maggie and I have been doing a lot of studying together since last semester. My car is still running despite it's best efforts to the contrary. Even Smore-cat and Elf are getting along better now. Mum is currently in New Zealand, but coming back in November, Dad is living in Parksville with Lee, and Michael is living alone at the house in Dashwood. Steph is in the thick of her welding course and she seems to be just loving it! Her and Meg moved into this jaw-droppingly beautiful, gigantic house with Marion and Riley, and that seems to be working out just dandy.

Planning for the con is underway, and right now I'm excited to start putting together dresses for the Lolita show.
There's also a ton of cosplays I want to do this year, chiefly a Sailor Moon group for Sakura-Con, as well as Vocaloid Eager Love, among others...
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2011|04:09 pm]
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[music |Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games ~ Of Montreal]

Hello again!

Well, fall semester's over which means I'm in my last term before I graduate! Exams went as expected (read: soul-draining).

Christmas was lovely up at Dad's house with Lee and her kids Graham and Bailey. Mike picked me up in the truck which was fun. Steph and Meg were up for a while too. They had a very bright blue LED lit tree and it was pretty epic. And Nana and Grindy came over for christmas dinner as well.

New Year's was good, I started at Marion's party where her cats had christmas sweaters! I had a new red satin dress on and Steph stopped by in a green satin dress, so that was awesome! After that I rang in the new year at Mikey's party and then ended up at Sopranoes!

I actually got to go skiing already this year before the new semester started. It was wonderful, as Mt. Washington has so much snow right now! And I had a really refreshing experience boarding on my second day. It was nice because I stayed in Qualicum for two nights and got to spend some non-christmas-crazy time with Dad and Mike and Nana.

Tsukino-Con is coming up real fast now, and I'm getting excited for everything! We've got the last major staff meeting this Saturday as we're down to about a month now! Caitlan and I have just finished sorting out all of our accessories for the Kuro/Shiro Lolita outfits for the fashion show. We've even made a good start on the dresses the last time I was over, so they should be great! The rest of the show looks like it's coming along swimmingly as well, and rehearsals are starting up this Sunday. Along with a pokemon tournament meeting and work, this weekend is going to be busy!

Mum is back from New Zealand today, and Nana went to Vancouver to pick her up. Though I won't get to see her until next week when I have a day off. u.u

Smore-Cat has been living with me lately, but he's such a loner, so Elf and he are only just barely getting along. Now that Mum's back, I think it would be good for him to go live with her up in Qualicum at the house.

Oh, and last of all, my computer died. I'm stuck on a school computer right now (unfun). It's been getting worse for the last month with some sort of virus, and yesterday it blue-screened and won't turn on. Right as I was trying to upload an assignment. Thank god for dropbox or I would have lost the assignment completely. (Go get it; it's the best thing ever, http://db.tt/Y9y4Kb3)

So Warren's working on fixing it right now, and hopefully it'll be good as new soon!
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2010|06:04 pm]
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[music |Raw Sugar ~ Metric]

So, I had a bit of a different Halloween for me this year...

Usually I love this holiday and everything about it. I love the dressing up, I love the decorating, the pumpkin carving, the candy, I love the costume parties, I love the clubs - all of it really.

But this year... Well, I've been working really hard at being more dedicated to my studies than I ever have before. This is because I've decided I really want to get into grad school, and I need to do a lot better to even have a chance. So this semester has been an evolution on last year's focus, this time, to the extent of giving up everything else - including my social life.

So this is where Halloween comes back into things.

I was prepared for the fact that I wouldn't be hitting a ton of parties as I would have in the past; but I definitely wasn't prepared to lose all of my internal excitement for the concept! I had to convince myself to put on a costume - something I've never had trouble with before. I only wore one outfit instead of changing at every possible opportunity, and it was old, I never even bothered to find a new one for this year.

Overall, this was just a surprising change from the holiday that always made me naturally and easily happy, to this year where it was almost a hassle...

I've actually been in a depressed mood this week in general, and I think that's because early this week I receieved some advice that helped me decide it wasn't worth it to apply to grad school this year, and that I should wait till next year, but still graduate this year. Which means that I definitely, instead of only probably, have another year before I'm doing what I want to be.

But I'm finished all of my midterms now, I just have lab reports and exams left... Unfortunately, I still haven't done anywhere near as well as I'd like, so I hope I can pull it up with the exams...

On a positive note, I'm actually really interested in all of my classes this year, which is a wonderful feeling.

Money is also continually being an annoyance this year, even though I am working as much as usual, and being very good at not spending anything...

Oh god, and the steering box (I think?) on my cadillac went, and since I have no money I've been driving the miata again... which is apparently going through a mid-life crisis, as it seems to think being a pool would be a better life choice. Or possibly a pond - definitely some sort of water feature, I don't think it's quite decided yet.

I did get to go flying with Mike for the first time the other day, so that was fun!

Oh and Mum's headed back to New Zealand now, and it isn't looking too promising for Christmas at this point...

School and work, repeat ad naseum.
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2010|03:31 pm]
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[music |Paper Gangster ~ Lady GaGa]

Well I'm back at school from an amazing summer!

I did make it out to Mexico with my friend Mikey and had a wonderful relaxing week there.
And then in August I did a lot of travelling. A group of us from Victoria went over to Vancouver for Anime Evolution together and met up with even more people in Vancouver. On the first day we got to go to the Splashdown waterpark and Playland which was superfun. Anime Evolution itself was an awesome time with everyone!

After that I met up with my brother and we headed out to New York which was simply brilliant. We got to see all of the tourist sights and took tons of pictures!

When we got back to Vancouver we met up with Steph and Meg for for another day at the PNE and the Lady GaGa concert. And it was sensational. Absolutely incredible. She's such a talented preformer and musician. I'd started listening through both of her albums as soon as I had tickets and she is definitely my favourite artist right now.

In the not-great category however, when I returned to Victoria, Brock had moved out. So, a lot of distress and hurt and confusion, but I think it's mostly settled down now.

Classes started last week, and I thought I knew what I was taking until I realised I was missing out on some way more interesting courses. So next week I'll be going to 9 courses until I decide which ones I like best.

At the Tsukino-Con meeting yesterday we held elections for vice-chair, and I was elected. I'm really excited because I love this con and what it gives to people and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to really help this con be the best we can make it!

Over the summer I also got a new car that I'm in love with - if it would just stop breaking down! It's a blue '68 Cadillac convertible DeVille and it does exactly what I wanted, which is to carry a lot of people! I'm not sure if it can handle the winter or not, but we'll see!

I did manage to get a bit caught up on some TV and reading this summer which was nice, so I'm feeling prepared for school. My main goal is simply less drama this year! I'm also really stoked because I had an ephiphany the other day about what I want to focus on after graduating and so that feels amazing.
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2010|08:44 pm]
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[music |All the Lovers ~ Kylie Minogue]

Okay. So I haven't posted since February. My life has been kind of batshit insane since then, but thankfully it's finally calmed down. This has definitely been the worst couple months I've ever had, but everything's mostly come out okay.

Tsukino-Con went excellent and was a ton of fun! Unfortunately, due to the craziness of reading break, and sleeping through the following Monday, I ended up behind in my classes, something from which I never really caught up. For the next month I stumbled through a haze of labs, midterms, and assignments while somehow managing to make it to social events and help coordinate a group Haruhi cosplay for Sakura-Con. Mostly I would sleep very minimally while working frantically to catch up on things, until I passed out from exhaustion every couple days. This meant I had now had missed something new that would be added to the ever-lengthening list, and had to repeat the whole process over again.

Eventually however, the group made it to Seattle for Sakura-Con and that was amazing!

Soon, after that unfortunately, exams started.

So we have another month of very little sanity and even less sleep while somehow not dying. Thankfully the last week of April ended with a wonderful no-exams-coma, and the successful completion of all chemistry courses required for my degree - forever. This means no more chemistry again. Ever. Coupled with my previous calculus victory, I am now past all of the courses I hate and have only one year left - and they are all devil-free courses.

Needless to say I had a joyful little bonfire with all of my chemistry notes plus the textbook.

May brought with it moving into a new place with my boyfriend, which is the first time I've ever really lived with someone long term. So that's super exciting, and it's going well so far, even if our housewarming/Look at This Fucking Hipster party was a bit too noisy for the neighbours...

Since then it's been pretty busy.
Krystyn, Jill and I helped Amy pick out her grad dress which was a ton of fun. The Steam punk Expo went off beautifully and I bought a new corset. Daphne had her beautiful baby at the beginning of June! We got my brother and his girlfriend all dolled up and off to their prom as well which was great. And to top it off there was a kick-ass girl's night and fun Sailor Moon sleepover as well.

And this week I had the overwhelming bonus of getting Lasik, which has been a complete success so far! I can see and it's amazing.

Now I had promised myself a trip to Mexico if I survived my exams, but things got tied up and it became unfeaseable, until my friend found an amazing last minute deal that leaves next week!

So in summary: despite the horrors of the last semester, summer has finally arrived, and things are looking much better.
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2010|05:33 pm]
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OMG. It's almost too good for me to believe. I have an ECS keycard. Because Tanner is an _amazing_ human being. I feel like something has to go wrong, simply because I've tried for so long to get one only to be met with failure.

*Happy sigh* And it's reading break. And I had a reasonable midterm this morning. And I can now: sleep, sew my miku costume, bake cupcakes, watch firefly, read fanfic, watch movies, read books, practice for tea ceremonies, kimono dressing and origami panels, clean my apartment, go skiing, paint and write and generally not be crazy, for at least a couple days.

And then it's Tsukino-Con, fast approaching with ever-increasing speed, and of course the requisite ever-increasing issues that pop up.

Ooh, and Valentine's Day is coming up. I'm not really sure what we'll end up doing for that, but we weren't too worried because we got to go to the 'Moulin Rouge' ballet on Wednesday and it was absolutely brilliant. We went to Vista 18 for dinner beforehand as well, which was also excellent.

I've been doing alright with my school. Apart from possibly a little facebook excess, my internet time-wasters have gone way down. I've missed a minimal amount of classes, and they were all sleep-through-the-alarm's not semi-consiously-decide-not-to-go's. And I haven't slipped and watched Firefly yet! So that will definitely happen this week.

I had one of those rare-for-me Crazy-Social-Drama Things happen; but thank God, it turned out alright once everyone talked about things. Unfortunately, I had a lab report end up as a casualty during the crossfire. But I still handed something in, and I haven't missed even a Chem assignment otherwise!

Oh my goodness! And my car got broken into! That was a while ago, but I haven't had time to get my roof fixed yet. I was in my underground parking and they just slashed my clothtop roof. They didn't get anything as there was nothing in there, but now I have to pay for 1/3 of a very expensive new roof!

I've been baking lots of cupcakes lately. Starbucks had Red Velvet ones, and Jill and I were inspired so we've made quite a few batches now. My icing curse still remains, but the storebought with the rainbows is pretty damn good in it's own right, and works just fine with the lovely vegan cupcakes. And I honestly couldn't believe that you had to use an actual tablespoon of red food colouring at first, but now I know!

Oh my, and Tsukino-Con! This is shaping up amazing! Everyone has put the most incredible work in and it should be spectacular by the time it whips past us and leaves us wondering exactly how it can be gone already.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2010|12:50 pm]
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Well the new year is going alright.

Christmas was great; Brock and I went up to Qualicum for it. Steph and Meg were up too, and we got to visit Jill as well. It was great to see all of my family. Because of exams, I didn't do any of my christmas shopping until a couple days before, but it worked out great, half in Vic and half in Nanaimo. And I'm excited for next year because we're talking about doing Christmas dinner at my place with Stephanie cooking - so I'd get to decorate my heart out and get a real tree and put on a real dinner. So I figure this will be the perfect excuse to get a dining table at some point over the year and host some dinner parties to test it out!

New Year's Eve was fun as we bounced around town. After starting out at Ren's, we hit midnight at Marion's and then rang in the new year at Sopranos.

I managed to make it up to Mt. Washington for skiing once so far, but now the chip in my board is fixed so I can't wait to get back there (if it will stop raining)!

After putting the disaster of last semester behind me, I've now totally changed my attitudes. Despite having an 8.30 class every day I haven't missed any yet, which is a great start for me. I think I've got all my classes sorted out now and I've streamlined my schedule a ton. I'm cutting out things like webcomics and fanfic (and most of the internet), TV and pretty much anything that's not school, so hopefully I'll be less distracted.
As of now, I'm quite sure that I'd like to do grad school, so mostly I'm just trying to focus my life so that I might actually get there.

I am however, pretty majorly committed to Tsukino-Con so I'm still doing that, and it's starting to really shape up! We have a lot of events planned and organised and it looks like it's all going to come together nicely. I found the most amazing wig for my Miku costume and I've already got the material and patterns, so I'm planning to whip that together over reading break.

Yesterday was a great day for con stuff for me, as well as just being a great day overall. I had a meeting with Krystyn to sort out the Cosplay Contest stuff in the morning and then there was a dress rehearsal for the Lolita Fashion Show in the evening which ran excellently. Everyone looked so awesome! And then after that Jill, Brock and I made her Thai Noodle Salad (with the incredible smoked tofu from Save-On) at my place and watched the first episode of the Firefly DVDs she gave me for christmas. And damn her for it, it was amazing. I might have to ration it over the semester as my one TV show - if we don't accidentally marathon it first...

Ooh, I've also totally cleaned up and rearranged my apartment - I flipped around my living room, and prepared my den for the proposed future dining table. Then I bought about a million of those pretty hat boxes from Michael's and have been downsizing my unneeded junk so that what's left is out of sight.

I managed to see quite a few movies over the break: Avatar was great, Sherlock Holmes was exactly what I was expecting and hoping for, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was very interesting, and I loved Dangerous Liaisons.
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2009|01:19 pm]
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[music |Metric ` Gimme Sympathy]

Alright, so I've been living in ECS for the last week or so, and I'm at two out of three exams done. Thankfully, the absolute worst, chemistry, is over as of this morning. I had a bit of a breakthrough for that subject at some point in the last 48 hours, so I think it went okay. I've got a bichem review session later this afternoon, but after that, glorious sleep!

Boston went great, our team ended up with a silver medal! November was super busy from that point on and then I pretty much slept through reading break. My birthday actually had a party this year though and that was a ton of fun.

So I haven't been sick all sememster, and then the week exams started I got a major cold that I can't shake. But I have got the H1N1 shot so at least I don't have to worry about that and it's mild, yet sometimes unpredictably deadly effects.

Brock and I went to the Nutcracker ballet and it was just as breathtaking as last year. Otherwise, my social life has been pretty much limited to the security and janitors of ECS.

Ooh, I bought a new kimono from Ichiroya. Jill was looking for one, and I couldn't help myself. She ended up with a gorgous green kimono set, and I found a modern-ish swirl patterned furisode set.

Well, as this is the most trouble typing due to mental fatigue that I've ever had, I'll leave it at that.
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