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[Sep. 13th, 2010|03:31 pm]
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[music |Paper Gangster ~ Lady GaGa]

Well I'm back at school from an amazing summer!

I did make it out to Mexico with my friend Mikey and had a wonderful relaxing week there.
And then in August I did a lot of travelling. A group of us from Victoria went over to Vancouver for Anime Evolution together and met up with even more people in Vancouver. On the first day we got to go to the Splashdown waterpark and Playland which was superfun. Anime Evolution itself was an awesome time with everyone!

After that I met up with my brother and we headed out to New York which was simply brilliant. We got to see all of the tourist sights and took tons of pictures!

When we got back to Vancouver we met up with Steph and Meg for for another day at the PNE and the Lady GaGa concert. And it was sensational. Absolutely incredible. She's such a talented preformer and musician. I'd started listening through both of her albums as soon as I had tickets and she is definitely my favourite artist right now.

In the not-great category however, when I returned to Victoria, Brock had moved out. So, a lot of distress and hurt and confusion, but I think it's mostly settled down now.

Classes started last week, and I thought I knew what I was taking until I realised I was missing out on some way more interesting courses. So next week I'll be going to 9 courses until I decide which ones I like best.

At the Tsukino-Con meeting yesterday we held elections for vice-chair, and I was elected. I'm really excited because I love this con and what it gives to people and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to really help this con be the best we can make it!

Over the summer I also got a new car that I'm in love with - if it would just stop breaking down! It's a blue '68 Cadillac convertible DeVille and it does exactly what I wanted, which is to carry a lot of people! I'm not sure if it can handle the winter or not, but we'll see!

I did manage to get a bit caught up on some TV and reading this summer which was nice, so I'm feeling prepared for school. My main goal is simply less drama this year! I'm also really stoked because I had an ephiphany the other day about what I want to focus on after graduating and so that feels amazing.