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So, I had a bit of a different Halloween for me this year... Usually… - Question Everything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 31st, 2010|06:04 pm]
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So, I had a bit of a different Halloween for me this year...

Usually I love this holiday and everything about it. I love the dressing up, I love the decorating, the pumpkin carving, the candy, I love the costume parties, I love the clubs - all of it really.

But this year... Well, I've been working really hard at being more dedicated to my studies than I ever have before. This is because I've decided I really want to get into grad school, and I need to do a lot better to even have a chance. So this semester has been an evolution on last year's focus, this time, to the extent of giving up everything else - including my social life.

So this is where Halloween comes back into things.

I was prepared for the fact that I wouldn't be hitting a ton of parties as I would have in the past; but I definitely wasn't prepared to lose all of my internal excitement for the concept! I had to convince myself to put on a costume - something I've never had trouble with before. I only wore one outfit instead of changing at every possible opportunity, and it was old, I never even bothered to find a new one for this year.

Overall, this was just a surprising change from the holiday that always made me naturally and easily happy, to this year where it was almost a hassle...

I've actually been in a depressed mood this week in general, and I think that's because early this week I receieved some advice that helped me decide it wasn't worth it to apply to grad school this year, and that I should wait till next year, but still graduate this year. Which means that I definitely, instead of only probably, have another year before I'm doing what I want to be.

But I'm finished all of my midterms now, I just have lab reports and exams left... Unfortunately, I still haven't done anywhere near as well as I'd like, so I hope I can pull it up with the exams...

On a positive note, I'm actually really interested in all of my classes this year, which is a wonderful feeling.

Money is also continually being an annoyance this year, even though I am working as much as usual, and being very good at not spending anything...

Oh god, and the steering box (I think?) on my cadillac went, and since I have no money I've been driving the miata again... which is apparently going through a mid-life crisis, as it seems to think being a pool would be a better life choice. Or possibly a pond - definitely some sort of water feature, I don't think it's quite decided yet.

I did get to go flying with Mike for the first time the other day, so that was fun!

Oh and Mum's headed back to New Zealand now, and it isn't looking too promising for Christmas at this point...

School and work, repeat ad naseum.

[User Picture]From: vaguely_languid
2010-11-11 12:46 pm (UTC)
D: Aw, teh sadness Tasha. Your life is just falling apart without me! We should try and skype soon. Hope everything gets better. *hugs*
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