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[Jan. 21st, 2011|04:09 pm]
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Hello again!

Well, fall semester's over which means I'm in my last term before I graduate! Exams went as expected (read: soul-draining).

Christmas was lovely up at Dad's house with Lee and her kids Graham and Bailey. Mike picked me up in the truck which was fun. Steph and Meg were up for a while too. They had a very bright blue LED lit tree and it was pretty epic. And Nana and Grindy came over for christmas dinner as well.

New Year's was good, I started at Marion's party where her cats had christmas sweaters! I had a new red satin dress on and Steph stopped by in a green satin dress, so that was awesome! After that I rang in the new year at Mikey's party and then ended up at Sopranoes!

I actually got to go skiing already this year before the new semester started. It was wonderful, as Mt. Washington has so much snow right now! And I had a really refreshing experience boarding on my second day. It was nice because I stayed in Qualicum for two nights and got to spend some non-christmas-crazy time with Dad and Mike and Nana.

Tsukino-Con is coming up real fast now, and I'm getting excited for everything! We've got the last major staff meeting this Saturday as we're down to about a month now! Caitlan and I have just finished sorting out all of our accessories for the Kuro/Shiro Lolita outfits for the fashion show. We've even made a good start on the dresses the last time I was over, so they should be great! The rest of the show looks like it's coming along swimmingly as well, and rehearsals are starting up this Sunday. Along with a pokemon tournament meeting and work, this weekend is going to be busy!

Mum is back from New Zealand today, and Nana went to Vancouver to pick her up. Though I won't get to see her until next week when I have a day off. u.u

Smore-Cat has been living with me lately, but he's such a loner, so Elf and he are only just barely getting along. Now that Mum's back, I think it would be good for him to go live with her up in Qualicum at the house.

Oh, and last of all, my computer died. I'm stuck on a school computer right now (unfun). It's been getting worse for the last month with some sort of virus, and yesterday it blue-screened and won't turn on. Right as I was trying to upload an assignment. Thank god for dropbox or I would have lost the assignment completely. (Go get it; it's the best thing ever, http://db.tt/Y9y4Kb3)

So Warren's working on fixing it right now, and hopefully it'll be good as new soon!