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Whee, well back in school. Yeah. Fun. Anyway. Tsukino-Con went… - Question Everything [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 3rd, 2011|11:22 am]
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Whee, well back in school.

Yeah. Fun.


Tsukino-Con went spectacularly in February, finished up the semester (barely), and then summer was awesome! Had a lot of parties, including a My Little Pony one and a Harry Potter one, and moved to a fabulous new apartment downtown.

Sakura-Con was a blast in April and we had a huge group cosplay for Vocaloid Magnet, and well as one for Fate/Stay Night, plus the pool party after was super fun. In June the car had a few outings to Qualicum for the Car Show and Michael's Prom. July started with a huge Canada Day party with my friend Jenna, from Alberta. August was crazy busy, starting with Cos and Effect in Vancouver, with Maggie, Steph, Meg and Imran, which was great and a couple of us got to hit up the PNE as well. Maggie and I even pulled together a cosplay for Jellyfish Princess. Right after that was the camping trip up to Tofino, followed closely by Jill visiting from Japan!

Along the way there was bumperboats, the pride parade, the steampunk convention, and lots of dinners at BPs with the anime crew!

School so far is good, I have two business courses and one biochem. Amy and Maggie and I have been doing a lot of studying together since last semester. My car is still running despite it's best efforts to the contrary. Even Smore-cat and Elf are getting along better now. Mum is currently in New Zealand, but coming back in November, Dad is living in Parksville with Lee, and Michael is living alone at the house in Dashwood. Steph is in the thick of her welding course and she seems to be just loving it! Her and Meg moved into this jaw-droppingly beautiful, gigantic house with Marion and Riley, and that seems to be working out just dandy.

Planning for the con is underway, and right now I'm excited to start putting together dresses for the Lolita show.
There's also a ton of cosplays I want to do this year, chiefly a Sailor Moon group for Sakura-Con, as well as Vocaloid Eager Love, among others...