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[Mar. 12th, 2012|09:45 am]
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Whee, Tsukino-Con went great!
Everything came together well on time, and ran spectacularly. Our Steins;Gate cosplay was perfect for our Science theme, and on that note, our Frankenstein sketch for Opening Ceremonies.

All of our lolita dresses came together for the Fashion show, which in effect means that I designed, patterned, and sewed 4 dreses from scratch (with help from my friends)! So I'm pretty proud of that, and it was a good experience of actually succeeding at something after this ongoing school disaster... We went with the theme of Sanrio, so we had a Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, Keroppi and Charmmy. We did it subtle for the show, but for Sakura-Con we're going to have ears and everything.

We even raised $2200 for charity, which meant that for Sunday, Adam had to wear a dress, and I had to wear sweatpants...

We're all prepping for Sakura-Con which looks like it's going to be awesome. For cosplay, we're going to reuse Steins;Gate plus a few more people, Higurashi and Umineko, and Sanrio Lolita. I also have my first two burando Lolita dresses that I'm excited to wear~ Rose Stained Glass from Innocent World in apricot, and the brown, drop-waist Chess Chocolate jumper from Angelic Pretty (which hasn't arrived yet - omg I'm so in love with this print, I would buy all of them if they weren't out of stock... *.*)

I'm in what will hopefully be my last semester of school. And that's really all there is to that. I am so burned out on biochem/school. All of this sewing is making me reconsider going into fashion, so who knows. I'm definitely taking a year off just to work in Victoria, and then a year in Europe, hopfully working at a ski resort.

My sister's birthday was last weekend, and that was super great, and Marion's birthday was the week before that, so it's been a pretty fun month so far.

Bit of a recap since my last post:
Halloween was really fun, so was my birthday party.
Christmas was a bit different this year. Mum was in the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend, Dad was too sick to do anything, and Steph and Meg stayed in Victoria with Meg and Riley. My friend Maggie also came up this year with me, so it ended up being Nana, Grindy, Mike, Janita, and Sarah, Maggie and Julia this year.
Mum did have an early Christmas dinner before she left, so that was nice too.

I got to go up skiing/boarding at Whistler with Laura after Christmas, and we stayed with her Mother in Squamish. That was a ton of fun.
New Year's Eve was good, I had a party that went well.